Why The Physicians Cannabinoid Council

1 ) Evidence Based Medical Council

The impressive background and integrity of the council members, all experts in their medical fields, are determined to help consumers make informed decisions on CBD. The selection committee will not represent brands or own a cannabinoid brand.

2 ) Rigorous Unbiased Standards

Any brands bearing the Trust Seal must go through a rigorous 3 step process of certification, regardless of their market status and products popularity.  We randomly cross check products and re-test, ensuring that good standards are respected and avoiding product or brand tampering.

3 ) Focused on Consumer Safety

While others are working to help shape legislations and cannabis practice/compliance, The Physicians CBD Council is focused on consumer safety; evaluating the provenance of the product, testing the ingredients and analyzing the efficacy of products for consumers.

4 ) Market Awareness

We understand that consumers, and doctors alike, need education and awareness to grasp the meaning of safety of these new products. We are committed, with our media partners, to promote and create market awareness on the value of the Trust Certification.

5 ) Collaborative

The Physicians CBD Council can serve government agencies and private enterprises with thorough clinical trials, anecdotal trials, medical journals peer-to-peer reviews and provide valuable consulting services.